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Last updated on March 15th, 2024 at 09:29 am

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Williams Loans offer home equity release for people under 55 and over 55.

We have lenders that are part of the broker panel that most brokers have, plus many other lenders that aren’t featured on the price comparison websites.

Most of our equity release products have no valuation fees or lender fees, and we do not charge broker or advisor fees.

Equity Release Rates

Later Life Mortgages

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Interest Only Mortgages For Over 70s

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Later Life Interest Only Mortgage

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Interest Only Lifetime Mortgage

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Equity Release Under 55

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Mortgages For Over 60S

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Mortgages For Over 50 Year Olds

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Mortgages For 60 Plus

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Interest Only Mortgages For Over 60s

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Equity Release

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Lifetime Mortgages

If you have little or no mortgage on your home and a healthy property value, a loan secured on your home to get a lump sum for your retirement can be a great way to pay inheritance tax at a lower amount. When you release equity with a later-life mortgage, the interest rate is often very low—similar to younger people’s standard mortgages.

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